One of Japan's three famous hot springs, Kusatsu Onsen.
A ryokan with hot spring water flowing with yunohana (mineral deposits).

Drawing water from the source of Kusatsu's symbol, "Yubatake"
Enjoy the concentrated 100% Kusatsu Onsen.

Located in the heart of the hot spring town, "Yubatake" releases 4,000 liters of hot spring water per minute, always creating a steamy atmosphere.
Our ryokan draws water from the source of "Yubatake," considered the highest quality among the many hot springs in Kusatsu. We naturally lower the temperature by exposing the hot water to the air, allowing you to bathe in the hot spring at its full concentration of 100%. While the basic color is clear and transparent, the hot spring may turn white and cloudy due to "yunohana" (mineral deposits). Truly savor the "source spring flow" of Kusatsu's hot spring.

Known for its healing properties to the extent of the saying, "There is no ailment that cannot be cured by the Kusatsu hot spring," this hot spring boasts a daily volume of approximately 46 million liters, making it the largest natural spring in Japan. Our inn is fortunate to offer the luxurious experience of "source spring flow," thanks to this abundant spring.
Among the many hot springs in Kusatsu, our ryokan draws water from the source of "Yubatake," considered the highest quality. We expose the hot water to natural air to adjust the temperature, resulting in one of Japan's most acidic hot springs with a surprising pH value of 2.08. The spring's powerful sterilizing properties eliminate the majority of bacteria and germs within the water, providing a unique bathing experience.
The hot spring town is ideal for leisurely strolls on foot. When Yubatake, where the hot spring gushes out at high temperatures, is illuminated, it creates a different atmosphere. The scenery of the hot spring flowing through the desolate riverbank in the Nishi-no-Kawahara Park is breathtaking, and there are open-air baths for day use. Don't miss the Yumomi and dance show, unique to Kusatsu. Why not enjoy a relaxed stroll in a casual yukata, immersed in the nostalgic atmosphere of your journey?

Our inn boasts two large communal baths with a gender-segregated system and two private baths. We draw water from the source of "Yubatake," considered the highest quality among the many hot springs in Kusatsu. Please enjoy the 100% natural hot spring water from "Yubatake," without any additional water or heating.

Communal Bath "IZUMI"
The indoor bath is spacious and provides a sense of openness, complemented by an outdoor bath. The outdoor bath on the wooden deck includes three options: cypress, rock, and ceramic barrel baths. Experience various baths in the natural hot spring while feeling the outdoor air in every season.

Communal Bath "MEGUMI"
The indoor bath offers three tubs with different temperatures: "hot," "normal," and "lukewarm," ensuring enjoyment for children as well. The outdoor bath on the wooden deck has two options: cypress and ceramic baths. The cypress bath is a pleasant mix of cypress aroma and the sulfur from the Yubatake source, while the ceramic bath provides a private and calming atmosphere.

Private Baths
There are two private baths inspired by gardens. You can enjoy Kusatsu Onsen without hesitation with family or as a couple. (Paid and reservation required)

Tour of Kusatsu's Three Famous Baths

Experience the day-use bathing facilities in Kusatsu Onsen: "Gozano-yu," "Nishi-no-Kawahara Open-Air Bath," and "Otaki-no-yu." Each offers different spring qualities and atmospheres, making it highly recommended to enjoy all three.

From Rooms with Saunas to Compact Japanese Rooms

Enjoy a relaxing stay in our clean, Japanese-style rooms with the scent of wood or functional Western-style rooms with a touch of Japanese spirit.

Check-in: 14:00, Check-out: 10:00

Chef's Selection: Artful Culinary Creations

Experience the "Kiraku-tei" with sunken kotatsu-style seating and an open kitchen, the traditional Japanese restaurant "Kiwami-aji" with private and counter seats, the popular main dining area "Kibou-mine" offering a banquet-style meal with a semi-buffet, and private dining options. Enjoy a carefully curated feast of joy in four dining venues, featuring melt-in-your-mouth sukiyaki with local Joshu beef and seasonal sashimi.

A Place of Joy with Relaxing Amenities

In the lobby lounge and souvenir shop at Kiraraku-tei, we have prepared multiple joyous spaces (public areas) to help deliver joy and delightful memories to our guests during their stay.

Inside the hotel, you'll find seasonal flowers subtly enhancing the ambiance with their colors. Take a moment to stop and experience the gentle fragrance.


If you are coming by train from Tokyo, you cannot go directly to Kusatsu Onsen, so you need to transfer to a bus from the nearest Nagano Kusatsu-guchi Station.

Kusatsu Onsen Joyful Inn Takamatsu

Address: 312 Kusatsu, Kusatsu-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma, Japan Phone: +81-279-88-3011

Public Transportation: JR Agatsuma Line to Nagano Kusatsu-guchi Station, then take a bus to Kusatsu Onsen (25 minutes)

Shuttle Service: Shuttle service is available from Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal. Please contact us upon arrival.

●Access from Narita Airport

Duration: Approximately 3 hours 30 minutes
Narita Airport --- (Narita Express) --- Tokyo Station --- (JR Joetsu Shinkansen) --- Takasaki Station --- (JR Joetsu Line / JR Agatsuma Line) --- Nagano Kusatsu-guchi Station --- (JR Bus) --- Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal