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Kusatsu Onsen that works for all kinds of diseases except love disease


Kusatsu Onsen's symbol "Yu-batake" is less than a 4-minute walk, and Otaki-no-yu is a 1-minute walk.
Feel free to wear a yukata crowd and take a stroll in the hot spring town while immersing in the traveling atmosphere.
Real hot water.Because it is a source of good quality, please relax and enjoy relaxingly.
  • Kusatsu Onsen is ...

    Yu-batake's fantastic light up! 4 minutes on foot from the hotel
    • Kusatsu Onsen is ...

      One, as the natural spring spring, the hot water amount is the highest in Japan
      Approximately 46 million liters of hot water per day, 230,000 pieces in drums! .

      One, fountain is a fresh natural spring.
      Pure hot water amount 32,000 liters per minute.

      It is a hot spring boasting strong bactericidal power.
      Strong acidity of PH 2.08 is the strength of bactericidal power.Most bacteria and bacteria in hot water can not breed and disappear.
      【Supplement】It seems that it melts and disappears when 10 yen coin is soaked for one week.
      Because the hot spring acid is strong, the electric appliances will break soon, the car's plating emblem will be black in about a month.
    • Yu-batake, Kosen-ji Temple, Candle event "Yume no Akari"

      Kusatsu Onsen the stairs of "Kosen-ji Temple" near the Yu-batake Kusatsu Onsen, a candle event is held for the date only.
      Yukimura rising from hot water Yu-batake plenty of hot water and cliffs of candle creates a fantastic world.
      When you visit Kusatsu travel with your boyfriend or couple, try wearing a yukata and go for a walk in Yu- Yu-batake night.
      It is a mistake to be immersed in a romantic feeling☆
  • Netsu-no-yu, Yumomi (water stirring) Show

    A traditional Kusatsu Onsen specialty!
    • Netsu-no-yu, Yumomi (water stirring) Show

      This is why Kusatsu Onsen is easy
      The collective bathing law unique to Kusatsu transmitted from the Edo (time period) era is hot water.Yumomi for 20 minutes with a long plate of "Yumomi" and warm up the source of about 51 degrees from 47 degrees to 48 degrees without using water.At this time, it is Kusatsu tune of "Kusatsu good, this one, ~ Come came ~ Doccoisie!" To sing with all.
    • July 17 every year, 18th, Shirane Shrine Festival

      Every year on July 17 and July 18 the Shirane Shrine Festival Kusatsu Town is held.
      The whole town is filled with shrimps and it is quite lively!
      In the early afternoon, they are cute with children's cute mikoshi, and at night they are full of powerful adult shrine mikoshi!
      Mikoshi is 8? As I go out, I am exciting around the town.
      I think that you can enjoy the special Kusatsu Onsen which is different from usual as a store opens also in the Yu-batake.
  •  Kusatsu Onsen Thanksgiving Festival

    • Kusatsu Onsen Thanksgiving Festival

      The hot spring resort is the most lively in a year, two days of popular Onsen Thanksgiving Festival, mainly held in the Yu-batake special stage. It is opened on the occasional morning of October, due to hot water arrival in the morning of Ox, after a story that he wished for a disease-free blow for one year afterwards, then changed to a modern age to appreciate the hot spring.

      Was chosen from among the townspeople, Gensen Okumiawase Ceremony (ceremony of uniting some spring source) Gensenbunto Ceremony (ceremony of dividing and distributing spring source to public baths) Kento(hot water dedication ceremony) by goddess, sorceress, swans, also drifts solemnly is in gorgeous, the atmosphere of the spa town I can taste it. (Every August 1·Held 2 days)
    • Sai no kawara Park, Great open-air bath

      "Sai no kawara Park" located in the center of Kusatsu Onsen, about a 10-minute walk from Yu-batake (Yubatake) (Saionokami park).Joshin’etsukogen National Park, and from its unique scenery, it is a place where it was feared that it was called "the Place where demons live", "the Oninosensui (demons’ spring)" and so on.

      The area around Yu-batake is also the most popular spot in Kusatsu Onsen, which is crowded with lots of people in the night lighting, but if you extend your feet for a while, light up is also taking place at Sai no kawara Park in the Sai no kawara Park!

      Yu-batake are few people compared with Yu-batake surroundings, yet it is a fantastic spot in the Kusatsu Onsen the evening, recommended for couples that light ups are also fantastic and can also enjoy foot baths.
    • Kusatsu Tropical Wonderland (5 minutes walk from the hotel)

      Kusatsu Tropical Wonderland (It was busy)
      Gusatsu-gun, Gunma Prefecture Kusatsu-cho, Kusatsu 286 Kusatsu, Kusatsu Town, Agatsuma County, Gunma Prefecture

      About 5 minutes on foot from Takamatsu Yorokobi no Yado! It seems to be at the highest altitude in the zoo in Japan, and it seems that the dome is being warmed using hot spring heat.
      Admission fee is 1,000 yen / person for adults, but if you print a discount ticket on the official website you will enter 800 yen.
      700 yen for high school students, 600 yen for children below that.You can read in the tropical "garden", but the tropical "sphere" is the official name.

      ※There is also a discount ticket at our front desk!
  • Enjoy Kusatsu Onsen, Five Rules

    Otaki-no-yu, open-air bath, 1 minute walk from the hotel
    • Enjoy Kusatsu Onsen, Five Rules

      I will not enter after drinking.
      Kusatzu-no-yu is strongly irritating, people should refrain from drinking or fever.

      I'll put a hot water and then enter.
      In Kusatsu, where the hot water temperature is high, Kusatsu hot water on your head and body, let it fit your body to heat and then relax.

      First, 10 minutes is enough for the beginning.
      It is bad for a person to take a bath for a long time suddenly.Let's gradually extend time as I get used to it.

      First, I do not go up warm water.
      It is good to warm up the bath with a towel rinsed in hot springs and leave hot spring ingredients on the body.

      I, take a bath after bathing.
      When I sweat a lot, I take a lot of moisture after the bathing iron rule.
    • Yubatake Toji Square, Yumomi Dance Championship

      Speaking of Kusatsu Onsen, a hot spring resort in Gunma Prefecture, the "Yumomi (water stirring) Show". It is a performance that stirs hot water with a plate in accordance with the song "Kusatsu yo ~ cousin ~ once to come", but this Yumomi is not just a flashy performance.Kusatsu's source is hotter than 50 degrees, I was born considering cooling down the hot water without diluting the ingredients of the hot spring with water.

      A dance battle "The Hot Water Yumomi Dance Championship in Kusatsu Onsen" with the theme of such "Yumomi" will be held!

      This event started last year, an event that performance of Yumomi various genres of dance such as pops, hip hop etc.
    • Kusatsu International Summer Music Academy & Festival

      The 38th Kusatsu International Summer Music Academy & Festival

      Kusatsu's summer tradition.

      While inviting top-class classical musicians from all over the world and offering an academy, festivals (concerts) to show off their techniques will be held daily at the Kusatsu Ongaku no Mori Concert Hall.

      Concert venue

      "Kusatsu Music Forest International Concert Hall"

      (Shirane-kokuyurin, Kusatsu, Kusatsu Town, Agatsuma County, Gunma Prefecture / Within Ongaku no Mori)


      Kusatsu International Summer Music Academy Office (Wako Building 2F, 14-3 Motoyoyogi Town, Shibuya City, Tokyo Metropolis)

      TEL: 03-5790-5561

    • Kusatsu Onsen Nettou Marathon

      RUN × Sightseeing

      It is only this tournament that you can run in Yu-batake, a Kusatsu Onsen spot in Kusatsu Onsen, and onsen! It seems that the Kusatsu Plateau altitude of 1200 meters also has a rich landscape on the course and it is a pleasure tournament!

      RUN × hot spring

      "Kusatsu Onsen free bathing ticket" as participation prize! After running and sweating, it is good to relax and relax at Kusatsu's famous hot spring!


      One of the most important things for marathoners is recording measurements, runner 's group is fully supported! Runner 's Chip is to measure time quickly and accurately.
  • Hot Spring Qualities, Efficacy

    • Hot Spring Qualities, Efficacy

      【Hot Spring Qualities】
      Sulfur spring(hydrogen acid Alum Fountain)
      From long ago people at Kusatsu Onsen wished to frequently grow hot springs and grow up spiritually as children were born.Hot springs as a gift from nature, especially Kusatsu Onsen springs, have been said to be "effective for all diseases" since ancient times, healing diseases of many people.It will be annihilated.

      Spa indication(Name of spa:Yu-batake)
      Neuralgia · Muscle pain joint pain · frozen shoulder · motion paralysis · stiffening of joints · crying · whippers · chronic gastrointestinal diseases · hemorrhoids · coldness · recovery period after illness · fatigue recovery · health promotion · chronic skin diseases · chronic gynecological diseases · galling · Diabetes · Hypertension · Arteriosclerosis · Acne · Wakka etc.

      "Things not effective", diseases of love
    • Yubatake Tree

      This Christmas tree was installed for the first time in the Yu-batake of Kusatsu Onsen to make it enjoyable for tourists, the height is about 10 meters, about 20,000 bulbs and about 300 decorations are attached.
      A lighting ceremony took place from 5 pm on the 16th and a big cheer cheered from the tourists who surrounded the Christmas tree when the lights were taken.
      A girls college student who visited from Kanagawa prefecture said "It is very beautiful and very satisfied with the light up of the Yu-batake. I think that Kusatsu is a tourist spot that can be recommended for the younger generation. "
    • Mt Tengu, Play Zone

      The green season is full of charm as well! Mt Tengu ski run, you can enjoy new items such as "Sky trampoline" where you can enjoy large jumps up to 8 m above the ground, and popular skis and mountain boards for children, as well as "Ninebot", a new item standing robot!
      Also the dog run is also permanent, so you can use it with your dog.
    • Tenguyama Kids Park

      "Kids Park" has opened in Tenguyama Play Zone!
      Admission fee is 500 yen per person (2 years old to under elementary school student)
      ※Parents are free

      Items in Kids Park are the following lineup.
      ·Moving belt (moving walkway)
      ·Mini zip line
      ·Twisty balance beam
      ·Ball pool(indoor)
      ·Mini Branco(indoor)
      ·Mini trampoline(indoor)

      Move easily with moving walkways, please enjoy Strider and Bokkaru.
    • Kusatsu Onsen Ski Resort

      A new course"R292" is born this season. There are plenty of events that can be enjoyed from children to adults.
      You can enjoy Susuma's powder snow and famous hot spring Kusatsu Onsen.