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Please enjoy 4 kinds of joyful kaiseki cuisine of chief chef 's exquisite in 4 places.

You can enjoy 4 kinds of delightful Kaiseki cuisine carefully selected in 4 places.

  • 【5F】Shunkan pots, Ootabei Tei, Kirakutei

    • Kirakutei, Example of dish instead of the month
  • 【4F】restaurant, Kiwami

    -Creative artisan restaurant that tastes the season-

    Please enjoy the tasteful seasonings that made use of the sea mountains.
    Seafood directly sent to Hokkaido and Niigata, mountains of the mountains taken locally.
    A5 rank Joshu Wagyu,Chateaubriand,sushi
    The best hot pot is served with carefully selected seasonal ingredients.
    Please enjoy the creative cuisine of the craftsmen using the best ingredients.

    ·There are private rooms for up to 8 people.
    ·A private room where you can enjoy a private feeling with your friends and a counter seat where you spend a relaxing atmosphere with important people.We also have various kinds of sake, wine etc of passion that goes well with dishes.
  • 【11F】Main dining, Kiboho

    The main dining "Kiboho" located on the top floor.
    You can eat a monthly alternative kaiseki cuisine and a semi-buffet style hospitality corner.

    The next morning it will be a breakfast buffet venue.
    On sunny days in the morning, you can enjoy views of Mount Mt Shirane on the west side, Mt Matsuiwa the east side, and Mt Mikuni the north side!
    "Oyama-no Breakfast" and occasionally enjoy the buffet with the theme of having a sea.
  • Meal in Room

    You can relax in your room and enjoy special special meal cuisine in your own private space.
    Please relax and relax.
    • Various price list
      Please ask the staff because we can receive another order.
    • Bespoke dishes
    • drink menu
    • drink menu 2
  • Buffet Breakfast※It may be prepared at breakfast as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus!

    An example of a breakfast buffet.
    Breakfast venue 11F main dining Kiboho or 5F restaurant Kirakutei (※ When crowded)
    We have about 40 kinds of buffet available.

    ※In consideration of the number of people and social distance, it may be prepared at the breakfast set!

    Breakfast opening hours, from 7: 00 to 9: 30