Yu-batake is less than 4 minutes on foot! Takumi ~ TAKUMI ~ delivers pleasure to customers with a special meal and hospitality.In-house Wi-Fi equipped.(Wi2_free)First floor lobby(FREE SPOT)
Kusatsu Onsen, Yorokobi no Yado, Takamatsu
0279-88-3011 (御予約9:00~19:00)
Hospitality with 5 pleasures and monthly cuisine specialties

【Official】Yorokobi No Yado TAKAMATSU

HP only! , Now in-facility use ticket Adults receive 500 yen worth for each person!

Takamatsu's homepage of Yorokobi no Yado has newly been reborn!
To commemorate that, only customers who make reservations from the homepage will receive a "500 yen worth of in-facility tickets per person" that can be used inside the facility specially! (Adults only)
※It can not be used for shops drinks and cigarettes.

We will guarantee the best price for reservations from the official website!

We are pleased for visiting our guests. Please make your memories to customers who will return home.
                             (Takamatsu Yorokobi no Yado, All employees)

Facility, Services

  • Takamatsu Yorokobi no Yado, Entrance

    Entrance of pleasure

    The purely Japanese entrance is our guest's instant spot.
    Please do not hesitate to contact a nearby employee when taking a picture.
    In addition, we have a safe slope for wheelchair customers and strollers.
    Customers who need manual labor are kindly requested to ask nearby employees.

    Check in time 14:00, Check out 10:00

    Guests coming by passenger car can also sightseeing buses come to the front door.
    【Valet parking service】
    ※The car clerk guides or forwards.
  • Souvenir treatment "Yoshihiro Yoshiyo"

    ■One of the delight of the hotel "Yoshihiro Yoshihiro"

    "Homemade Takamatsu Manju" made up with craftsmen of craftsmen at our own factory "mainspring" is very popular!

    Other Recommended Popular Items!

    ■Furusato delicacy "Takamatsu, Wild vegetable miso "
    ■Flower beans, Salted soybean natto
    ■"Silk soap" of Tomioka Silk brand

    【Kusatsu Onsen, Yunohana Association Produce】
    ■Cosmetic product "Kao Yura" series (cleansing, lotion, cream) using source water of Kusatsu Onsen
    ■Nippon Skin Beauty Support Project "Kusatsu Original Face Pack"

    We have a large selection of souvenirs.

    We also offer souvenirs recommended for foreign guests.
    ※Coming soon!

  • Bar lounge, WA happy happy day

    ■One of the pleasures of the hotel "WA happiness"

    Please spend a comfortable moment with healing music and images.
    We prepare a cold drink and a massage chair as a resting place during the day.
    In the evening we are using as a bar lounge.
    Recommended for people who want to drink cocktails or sake or shochu, those who want to sing karaoke.

    Bar lounge, 55 people capacity
    ■All-you-can-drink course 120 minutes, 3,000 yen(tax excluded)¥ 2000 with 1 drink(tax excluded)
    ※All-you-can-drink course includes karaoke.

    ■Single item order, Table charge 500 yen, Beer 800 yen, From soft drink 500 yen to, From cocktail 800 yen, From various sour 600 yen, Bottle from 3000 yen, One karaoke song 200 yen, ※tax excluded
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Hotel Name

Kusatsu Onsen, Yorokobi no Yado, Takamatsu


312 Kusatsu, Kusatsu Town, Agatsuma County, Gunma Prefecture

Telephone number



JR Naganohara Kusatsu Guchi get off at Kusatsu Onsen for 25 minutes, by car: Kanetsu Road Shibukawa Ikaho IC 80 minutes / Joshindo Expressway Usui Karuizawa IC 60 minutes / upper Shinji Ueda · Sugadaira IC 70 minutes from IC

Pick-up presence (condition)
Please contact us when you arrive at Kusatsu Hot Springs Bus Terminal.0279-88-3011
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A Yorokobi no Yado by Japankuru team, Takamatsu Promotion!

  • The animation is here!

    It is a promotion video of Takamatsu, a Yorokobi no Yado by creative staff in America, Korea and Japan!
    Enjoy a foreigner's point of view, the new discovery the Takamatsu Yorokobi no Yado Kusatsu Onsen Yorokobi no Yado that meet the excitement have never run out", please enjoy!
    Tattoos, it can be difficult finding hot springs in Japan that allow you to relax like everyone else. Little by little JAPANKURU is finding Japanese hot springs (onsen) that do!

My Favorite Things -Kusatsu Onsen-

  • The animation is here!

    Sometimes, I am reminded of how beautiful the town of Kusatsu is.
    Onsens have been loved by Japanese people since a long time ago.
    Meanwhile, Kusatsu Onsen has been one of the best onsens in Japan.
    Why Kusatsu is the best?
    When you see this movie, you will know the reason and fall in love with Kusat

Korea Busan CM

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    We are taking a picture with the commercial of the Korean Busan major travel company KJT tour and it is on air!

    부산 의 주요 여행사 KJT 투어 의 CM 에서 설ظ 도 촬영 해 주 셔서 방영 되고 있습니다! !

Taiwan maomao TV

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    Taiwan's famous YouTube bar has arrived!

    Battle Hakone! Japanese first love affair First name Hot Spring Chiefs 怎? Kusatsu Hot Springs ♨️ 媽 的 生 生 之 之 旅 ~ part 2

Takamatsu Movie with Yorokobi no Yado Movie

Takamatsu, Yunohana drum, National Ryokan Koshien

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    We decorated the opening at the National Ryokan Koshien!

Kusatsu Onsen Official Movie, spring

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    Kusatsu Onsen, JAPAN - Spring - 4K(ultra HD) / Kusatsu Onsen

Kusatsu Onsen Official Movie, summer

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Kusatsu Onsen official video autumn

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Kusatsu Onsen official video winter

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Kusatsu Onsen Official Movie, Four seasons

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Day to day living ~ Now at Kusatsu Onsen ~

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    "Safety Declaration ~ Now in Kusatsu Onsen"

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